Radical innovation evening 6.6.2013

Radical innovation evening 6.6.2013

Is your business in decline? Or do you fear it might soon be so? Or perhaps you have opened your eyes already and you want to prevent it going downhill early enough? If you answered to one or the other of the questions by YES, the RadiCamp evening on the 6.6.2013 at 17.00 in Wien is something that will interest you.

RadiCamp is a new concept for creating truly new business changing innovation. This brand new concept is developed by Innotiimi and we are starting our first projects in Austria still this year. The evening event on the 6.6.2013 is an introduction to RadiCamp. I will present the concept there to companies and individuals who are interested about it. Secondly it is a great opportunity to network and meet people and companies who are innovation minded. This event on 6.6.2013 is completely free. The only limit is the number of seats which is around 30. The language of the presentation is German. Obviously the questions and discussions afterwards in the get together (with wine tasting and finger buffet) are going to be multi lingual including at least (Austrian)German, English, Finnish and Swedish.

The event will be arranged in cooperation with Finnish-Austrian Economic Forum ( You can find invitation letter with details in German language by clicking here or by copying this url to your web browser:

If I already convinced you and decided to join, please find the summary of coordinates here:

When: 6.6.2013 at 17.00

Where: Business Base Nineteen

Mooslackengasse 17
1190 Wien

As already mentioned it ‘s completely free, but it is MANDATORY to register yourself better today but very latest by 30.5.2013. Registration is possible by:

sending an email to:
by calling by phone on the: +43 664 635 0713 (PLEASE CALL, DO NOT SMS!)

I hope you can come along!

Life is great! Radical is super!

Yours sincerely,


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