Finnish Business Awards 2012 in Austria

Finnish Business Awards 2012 in Austria

The Finnish Business Award in Austria is given to the most successful companies who offer Finnish products or services in Austrian market. This award is presented by Finpro, Finnish Austrian Economic Forum and the Embassy of Finland in Austria. Last time this award was given in year 2009.

I was very honored to receive the 3rd place in the Finnish Business Award in Austria 2012. I would like to use this opportunity to congratulate all the other participants and of course especially the other winners. The winners this time in the same category were:

1. Neuhauser Speckstein Öfen

2. Asta Eder Composite Consulting

3. Rework365 Consulting, Juhana Lampinen

Once again many thanks for that! That makes me feel good and even more importantly it is yet another sign that I am doing things that really matter.

Here is a picture of the award. I am going to hang this onto to the wall of my office. 🙂



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