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Simple tips how to become a better leader? #10

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Do you mentally block innovation without knowing it?

How do you feel when you receive and give feedback?

How investing in increasing the emotional intelligence of employees converts to increased profitability?

I am very curious to know how people WHO LIVE OR DO BUSINESS IN CONTINENTAL EUROPE think about this question. This is because I live in continental Europe myself. In order to quantify it I have made a short anonymous and absolute non-commercial and no strings attached survey about this…


Emotional Intelligence demo 16.1.2014 in Salzburg / Austria

Did you know that Emotional Intelligence has arguably become the most essential factor in sustaining high performance in organisations and across society at large. It is the driving force that enables leaders to engage with others effectively and then drive essential change in today’s turbulent and fast-moving world. Learn more…


Causing toxic working climate

Radical innovation evening 6.6.2013

Is your business in decline? Or do you fear it might soon be so? Or perhaps you have opened your eyes already and you want to prevent it going downhill early enough? If you answered to one or the other of the questions by YES, the RadiCamp evening on the…


Self leadership workshop in Wien, Austria on the 11.3.2013

Self leadership workshop in Wien, Austria on the 11.3.2013. Natural Tendencies Analysis is based on the personality type theory of Carl Gustav Jung. His theories are widely used as basis for personality type analysis, stress prevention and team building. The Natural Tendencies Analysis (NTA) helps you to understand your own strengths and…


Are you Organized or Chaotic?

this blog is continuation to my previous blog “Are you extrovert or introvert” which can be found by clicking here. Thinking (T) or Feeling (F) The question here is: How do you make decisions? The people with Thinking (T) preference tend to base their decisions on the logic, facts, figures…


Are you Extrovert or Introvert?

this blog is continuation to my previous blog “Are you outside of your comfort zone?” which can be found by clicking here. Background Everyone is different. The older you get more difficult it becomes to change your behavior and accept behavior of others which is different to yours. The first…


Merry Christmas!

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Merry X-mas and Happy New Year 2013

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I would like to wish to all rework365 blog readers Merry X-mas and Happy New Year 2013. All Innotiimi partners decided to donate money to the great work of Unicef, instead of sending X-mas cards this year. Maybe it helps some children who are not as lucky as we are….


Are you outside of your comfort zone?

You are likely either left or right handed. Similarly you cross your arms either left or right arm on top. Also you probably cross your hands either left of right thumb on top. Most of the time, or actually nearly every time, you tend to do it the same way….


Finnish Business Awards 2012 in Austria

The Finnish Business Award in Austria is given to the most successful companies who offer Finnish products or services in Austrian market. This award is presented by Finpro, Finnish Austrian Economic Forum and the Embassy of Finland in Austria. Last time this award was given in year 2009. I was…


A quick guide for selling your products and services online

What is actually e-commerce? Many people think that e-commerce is pretty much the same as opening a webshop. For me e-commerce is much more, it is the whole system that enables selling your products and services online. That includes the digital point of sale, free digital content and digital content…


Tribal leadership – improving your business culture part I

…continues from the last week’s blog “Does your business focus on meaningless details and micro management?“. In the beginning I am going to remind you about the motivation behind tribal leadership. The motivation is simply following: “The research done by the authors Dave Logan & co proves that over a…


Tough boss

Is your own leadership like this or is your boss practicing this kind of leadership? No worries, it can be changed. Click the (almost Oscar nominated) video for the whole story. Join my email list! Email Address


Can you lead virtual teams successfully?

Working virtually is the key word of today. Increasing amount of multicultural and multinational teams work in companies, which are internationally active. Today the work ethos is characterized by independence of place and time, technological development, non- permanency, and multiculturalism. Virtual teams are challenging to the team leaders. Leadership, teams…


The core of good leadership

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Happy New Year 2012

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Merry X-mas!

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Discover your strengths!

You are unique. Find a job that is made for you. Forget the rest! Christmas is just behind the door. As a Christmas present Rework365 will draw one free of charge coaching session (about 2 hours) where we discover your strengths and your natural preferences. You can use this information…


Finance (banking) crisis and innovation

As we all know, we are (again) living the times of banking crisis. Someone blames Greece, some other blames Italy or Spain. It is correct that the public sector spending in these countries has been out of control for many years. Having said that the European Banks have also been…


Participate and win Innotiimi GroupExpo book

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Participate and win a free book about GroupExpo – a proven method to participate biggers groups developing multiple ideas simultaneously. More information here. You can participate by registering on Innotiimi web page, liking Innotiimi in Facebook, or following Innotiimi on Twitter or LinkedIn. The competition ends on 25.11.2011.


How much ego-boosting people cost?

First of all many thanks to A-J Wihuri from Innotiimi for the excellent blog about this topic. Unfortunately the blog is for time being only in Finnish. So, I am going to just drop you a tag which may make you think. In their book called “Egonomics” David Marcum and…


Should You Reward Bad Ideas?

In order to create good products or service you have produce an large amount good ideas. In order to create remarkable or great or outstanding products or services (innovation) you have to produce a vast amount of ideas: good, neutral, bad, very bad and absolutely crappy ideas. Actually you should…


A fair change manager

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Experiencing fairness: John felt he was treated unfairly. He did not get the challenging job that he, in his own mind, thought belonged to him. His boss was not “a fair guy” in this matter. John believed he was the best man for this particular job, and it was also…


Let’s scrap the word innovation

What is innovation? Innovation is a buzz word that had been around for quite some time. Obviously everyone needs innovation and is pretty clear why. But what is innovation? I would describe it simply with following sentence: “Doing anything that ensures the long term profitability and growth of a business.”…


Do what you love and the rest will follow

It is time to reload your batteries

Summer is here in the Europe and to be more precise I am experiencing it here at the Austrian Alps. Today the forecast is sunny, blue skies and hardly any wind. Excellent possibility for slowing down and perhaps later today for going outdoors. At the moment I am sitting on…


Leadership: I cannot believe these guys are so slow in making decisions!

Do you think that the decision making in your team takes way too long? On the other hand does someone in your team feel that decisions are made in hurry without any exploration of possibilities? Even more confusing is that this happens simultaneously in the very same meeting. How come?…


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Innotiimi is launching a new social media friendly website

Inspiration = Leadership Balls on Fire

As a leader, can you get people to follow you without forcing them? Do you have “leadership balls” to be an inspirational leader? It is said that you are a leader only if others follow. How can you create this kind of positive bias? People don’t want to follow negative or…


Diversity rocks

I am a passionate photographer. I started photographing back in 1977 when I was only 6 years old. My father gave me a small camera on my 6th birthday. Since then I have been photographing extensively. However, my hobby took a quantum leap when the first digital cameras came into…


Why are you using external advisors, contractors and consultants?

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The LinkedIn voting feature keeps on fascinating me. That’s why I decided to create a few more polls. I believe that to stay commercially fit and viable you need to be in continuous development. Instead of guessing what could be interesting it is always better to ask the opinion of…


New value year 2011

The new year is always a discontinuity point and time for making promises. Why not deciding to start thriving your business towards new growth and untapped markets? Here are couple of ideas that might be relevant to you. Understand your value curve First you need to understand how your product…


Merry Christmas 2010

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Rework365 and Innotiimi wishes Merry X-mas to all Customers, Blog readers, Fans and Customers to be.


The heart of innovation

The purpose of innovation is not to build cool products and technologies or making money. The purpose of innovation is to solve everyday problems, make people happy and to put a smile on someone’s face.


A mega trend in working life: well being

What words did you use last time when you said no to a meeting request? Or, how did you respond when you could not join for a beer with friends last time? I would guess it was something like: “Sorry, I have already another meeting in my calender already.” or…


Steve Jobs about Leadership

Steve Jobs was and Apple still is one of the biggest succes stories of the last decade. Arguably his leadership style divided the opinions of people quite in a black and white manner. However, he brought Apple to where Apple now is. A while ago I found this short video…


Steve Jobs about the importance of sharing the same vision

Steve Jobs: “Here is what you find at a lot of companies. You know how you see a show car, and it’s really cool, and then four years later you see the production car, and it sucks? And you go, what happened? They had it! They had it in the…


Everything changes all the time

Would you hire Roger Federer to play tennis or to sing?

Example I will start with a simplified and maybe naive example to set the scene. Let’s assume that you know that your business success depends on how well your organization is able to play tennis and sing. You have two employees: Roger Federer and Madonna. How would you organize your…


The value of customer relationship is priceless

Run a business, not a company. Sales should focus on generating social capital, revenue, euros, pounds, dollars, yens or what ever currency. Stop considering sales as a department – a part of your organization. When sales are fine, everything else is also fine. When sales start declining traditional managers start…


Leadership and sailing – they have actually a lot in common

Leadership and sailing – business and sport. They have actually awful lot in common. Sailing, especially racing, is 100% team sport and it goes even further. A large sailboat has that large number (around 15 of them) different controls and trims that you can tweek. Nobody can handle them alone….


What can I do for you? I mean YOU.

I was wondering about which topic I would write today. Having listened an audio book Crush it! from Gary Veynerchuk yesterday I had an “aha” experience. He was saying that the best blog ever he made was just asking his audience what he could do for them. Then I thought,…


Keeping your business ecosystem in balance

Ecosystems are functional units consisting of living things in a given area, non-living chemical and physical factors of their environment, linked together through nutrient cycle and energy flow. The ecosystem combines several elements that can’t live without one another. Each produces something the others need. Polar bear lives on the…


Regatta Results: CSI cup in Croatia

Rework365 would like to say thank you to the winning Team Hugala Bugala: Rudi Eggetsberger Peter Grögl Juhana Lampinen Roland Kuballa Wolfgang Hochegger Günter Fossler and the team co-sponsor: Relief St. Pölten. The great team work brought us to the first place of CSI Regatta‘s one desing class “Salona 37“….


Interruption marketing is simply annoying waste of time

We are the interruption marketing generation. We have been spammed by TV, radio and print advertisement since we were born. This interrupting spam is simply annoying and irrelevant for most of the people. When did you buy something because you saw the commercial or visited some corporate website? On the…


Are social networks useless for businesses?

Seth Godin’s opinion about this very hot topic. Is was not exactly a surprise that the old school networking “rules” apply 1:1 also for social networking.


The truth about what motivates us

Thanks for Juha for finding this great video from YouTube. This hits right to the point of understanding the truth about what really motivates us. Money is a good motivator but it is by far not the best motivator of all…


Thoughts about social media and question based leadership

I am convinced that social media is here to stay and has an effect to the way you do business. You cannot stop it and actually you should not try stop it. The word of mouth, good and bad, will spread. Timing is becoming crucial. Even more crucial it used…


innovation: take a big pen and small paper.

Maybe the most important thing when inventing something new is to get started. Get started from the beginning, middle or the end. It does not really matter where you start, as long as you do start. Start with a big pen and small paper. You cannot draw anything small with…


Shifts in scarcity and abundance

Shift in market dynamics It is really nothing new that business is based on exploiting scarcity. You create something scarce and sell it with profit. Great stuff! But when the scarce things become common you need to rethink what you are actually doing. The same thing happens when some common…


Permission marketing

Isn´t it so annoying when your favorite movie or football game is brutally interrupted by some desperate corporate trying to sell you more washing powder, cars, beverages or something else? I guess very likely your answer is yes. Probably you are more likely not to buy that particular brand that…


First things first: “time management for dummies”

The key to be efficient in your private life, in your working life or in meetings is the time management. In other words, doing the first things first – prioritizing the important things above the less important things. But what is really important? How should you prioritise your time? There…


Richard Branson: Creative thinking, challenging the status quo

Today’s blog is actually a short story about Richard Branson and how he demonstrated creative thinking and was challenging the status quo when his flight at Caribbean was cancelled. Branson arrived to airport in Puerto Rico. Suddenly, which is not uncommon at Caribbean, his flight to Virgin Islands was cancelled….


What is Innovation?

INNOVATION What is Innovation? Most people understand “innovation” as a product, service or idea that has created major change in human behavior. Think about things that have turned the world upside down like: internet, Google, Apple, or electricity, wheel, telephone, frozen food and Darwin´s theories. There is no question…


Change management: Dealing with the fears of people

Probably the most important thing, when managing the change at workplace, is to understand how your team perceives the change. What does the change really mean to the people as individuals. You should try to understand their fears, expectations and involve them to open discussion about the change you are…


The only constant is change

What is the rework365 all about? We have something new to say about building, running and growing a new or established businesses. Our approach is not based on academic theories. It is based on practical experience. We have been operating in international high-tech business more than 15 years. We have…