Change management: Dealing with the fears of people

Change management: Dealing with the fears of people

Probably the most important thing, when managing the change at workplace, is to understand how your team perceives the change. What does the change really mean to the people as individuals.

You should try to understand their fears, expectations and involve them to open discussion about the change you are facing. It may well be that many of the fears are completely obsolete or far less critical than your team members think.

Ok. Let’s step into the shoes of one of your team member. The following video from internet (thanks to Dynamo) summarizes, with humor, what kind of fears there maybe. You could think that the guy on the right hand side actually is your “sub-conciousness” talking to you.  He makes you nervous as you do not really know what is happening.  He is making up all kind of horrible stuff that may happen and the situation just escalates and escalates and escalates….


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