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Simple tips how to become a better leader? #10

Simple tips how to become a better leader? #9

Simple tips how to become a better leader? #8

Simple tips how to become a better leader? #7

Simple tips how to become a better leader? #6

Simple tips how to become a better leader? #5

Simple tips how to become a better leader? #4

Simple tips how to become a better leader? #3

Simple tips how to become a better leader? #2

Simple tips how to become a better leader? #1

Why leaders succeed or fail?

  According to several studies around 75% of the reasons why leaders succeed or fail are Emotional Intelligence related. These reasons include things like leaders (and managers too) are perceived to be self centred, they don’t relate well to others, they don’t inspire or build talent, they are defensive or…


Want to learn something today?

Giving or receiving recognition – which is more important?

“Leaders don’t look for recognition from others, leaders look other to recognise” -Simon Sinek-


How did you treat your colleagues today?

…also very relevant statement what comes to treating colleagues at work. ‪#‎servantleadership‬ ‪#‎humanelement‬


Do you mentally block innovation without knowing it?

What do you really do for living?

How do you feel when you receive and give feedback?

What time is it?

Why overload of rules, processes and metrics keeps us from doing our best?

Reducing stress using simple HRV app on your smartphone

71% of employees report low job satisfaction and commitment

Are you innovator or follower?

How often are you @home office?

Are you a cheap pottery leader?

Who’s got bad consciousness?

How are your thoughts this morning?

Concentration training


Notice how you are going to feel before you actually feel it

Are you smart phone addicted?

Being emotionally intelligent leader

This short video summarises the very essence of being emotionally intelligent (leader). However, do not be fooled that amygdala would be responsible only for the feelings extreme anger or joy – it is responsible for the rest of the feelings too.


How to Raise Your Company Culture to the Next Tribal Leadership Stage

The Tribal Leadership tips and tricks ebook for iPad is now available at 50% discount for limited time. This offer will last until 30.9. Check it out if you are interested.


Self leadership workshop in Wien, Austria on the 11.3.2013

Self leadership workshop in Wien, Austria on the 11.3.2013. Natural Tendencies Analysis is based on the personality type theory of Carl Gustav Jung. His theories are widely used as basis for personality type analysis, stress prevention and team building. The Natural Tendencies Analysis (NTA) helps you to understand your own strengths and…


Are you Organized or Chaotic?

this blog is continuation to my previous blog “Are you extrovert or introvert” which can be found by clicking here. Thinking (T) or Feeling (F) The question here is: How do you make decisions? The people with Thinking (T) preference tend to base their decisions on the logic, facts, figures…


Are you outside of your comfort zone?

You are likely either left or right handed. Similarly you cross your arms either left or right arm on top. Also you probably cross your hands either left of right thumb on top. Most of the time, or actually nearly every time, you tend to do it the same way….


Tribal Leadership session in Innsbruck 7.11.2012

What is tribal leadership? One very powerful tool for firstly understanding the current state of your business, secondly defining your goals and thirdly providing tools for achieving the goals is called tribal leadership. Tribal Leadership is based on focusing on your company culture. It claims that every group of people in…


A must watch: management guru L. Vaughan Spencer

How to guide for manager. Learn to: motivitalize, succeederize and deny the sausage rolls. It is a really good laugh. Thanks for posting this video tip Andy! 🙂


Starting is everything!

On March 13, 2012, Posted by , In Innovation,Leadership,Marketing, With 1 Comment

Every success story in the world has a start. This is the point when you actually do something to your idea to make it reality. Without start there is no success. Brilliant, superior, beautiful, great, stunning or simply plain awesome idea that nobody actually implements is never going to succeed….


Tribal Leadership – improving your business culture part IV

…this blog is continuation to the Tribal Leadership series in The previous articles discussed the foundation of the tribal leadership as well as introduced you to the stages 1 through 5 in detail. The previous articles can be found under these links: Does your business focus on meaningless details…


Tribal Leadership – improving your business culture part III

…this blog is continuation to the Tribal Leadership series in The previous article about the stages 3 and 4 can be found here: “Tribal Leadership – improving your business culture part II“. This part describes the tribal stage 5. The tribal stage 5 is the highest cultural stage known…


Tribal Leadership – improving your business culture part II

…this blog is a continuation to the Tribal Leadership series in The previous article about the stages 1 and 2 can be found here: “Tribal Leadership – improving your business culture part I“. This part describes the tribal stages 3 and 4. It makes sense to discuss these two…


Tribal leadership – improving your business culture part I

…continues from the last week’s blog “Does your business focus on meaningless details and micro management?“. In the beginning I am going to remind you about the motivation behind tribal leadership. The motivation is simply following: “The research done by the authors Dave Logan & co proves that over a…


Does your business focus on meaningless details and micro management?

Reporting, filling in the figures is various sheets and applications, having meetings and teleconferences to discuss the figures over and over again. Being like a cog in large machine or factory. Feeling numb, brainless and non-creative. Does this sound familiar to you? If not, you can consider yourself lucky. Many…


Tough boss

Is your own leadership like this or is your boss practicing this kind of leadership? No worries, it can be changed. Click the (almost Oscar nominated) video for the whole story. Join my email list! Email Address


Can you lead virtual teams successfully?

Working virtually is the key word of today. Increasing amount of multicultural and multinational teams work in companies, which are internationally active. Today the work ethos is characterized by independence of place and time, technological development, non- permanency, and multiculturalism. Virtual teams are challenging to the team leaders. Leadership, teams…


Employee driven leadership at Semco

When you hear word leadership you probably associate with manager/leader leading the employees. That is obviously the case in most of the businesses, but not all of them. One great example of successful employee driven leadership is at Brazilian company called Semco. Shortly there the employees decide most of the…


Which tribe you belong to?

I read recently the book “Tribal Leadership” from Dave Logan, John King and Halee Fischer-Wright. To be honest, actually listened the free audiobook version of it that you can download too. This model they build claims that every company or any group of people can been seen as a tribe….


Have a big dream and make it reality

This video has couple of good analogies to business life and how we all are different. Understanding the differences between people and accepting them would help to solve so many workplace conflicts. On the other hand this video is completely, I mean really completely, outside of business setup. Maybe it…


Power of words

Watch this extremely good video about the importance of how you communicate things. Thanks for ICG for finding it in YouTube. How did you feel after watching this video?


Mindfulness as a management tool

When speaking about mindfulness many people associate it only to yoga and eastern philosophies or generally speaking the “soft stuff”. You may also think: what does that have to do with management and leadership? Actually it does and as a matter of fact a lot. The current business life is…


Leadership: Nothing happens without me

Why I always have to do everything. Nothing happens here without me. Why on earth these headless chickens cannot do anything right? Sounds familiar? Maybe you have felt like that once or twice too? It is unfortunately pretty common. What is it then? Why some managers feel that nothing happens…


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Talking alone? Call Ghostbusters!

There was this neatly dressed business man, looking very normal and formal, walking in the middle of Helsinki – and he was talking alone. It sure looked strange, kind of contadictionary: sharply dressed lunatic. It took me quite a while to realize that he was carrying one of these things…


Animate it: Leadership and trust

Without trustworthiness and fairness there is no trust. Without trust there is no open communication. Without open communication great ideas remain unspoken. Without great ideas you will not be successful. You can express trust in your everyday actions, like these two people do in the short animation. The question to…


Animate it: Leadership and empowerment

Empowerment and trust are the key values in good leadership. But are you used to being empowered? This short animation starts the Rework365 “Animate it!” series. Stay tuned.


Greatest risk is to play always safe

Let us imagine a company that has reached a status of market leadership through its innovative products and services. The road to the leading position may well have been a tough fight against thecompetition. Innovation work has been successful, and a great deal of the new stuff has been radical: Many…



LinkedIn has made it possible to create user polls. So, that needs to be tried out. It would be very much appreciated if you could distribute this poll as wide as possible. More volume = better quality results. Here is the, yes very polarizing, question.


Strawberries and Champagne

(At least) Two strategy approaches are at the moment very much affecting the business life: sense of urgency vs. Blue Ocean. THE strategy guru everybody refers to is John Kotter. Especially his 8-Step Change Model has become the mantra of change management. The first step is to create Sense of…


Are you expected to sit in the office?

The factory called office If you have a factory it is pretty obvious that putting more hours and more labor and investing to new production line will increase the output of your factory. This of course translates to more sales given you are able to sell the goods. Since the…


Making change happen – on three levels

“You have to get it. To want change you have to want it, feel the need for it, understand Why the New and Why Not the Old.” When you are planning change for yourself you get this, you know why you’re planning to find a new home, why you are…


Only the future matters

Many people are so fixed in maintaining the status quo that they simply cannot create something new. Having said that, luckily there are people who understand that the past is not unimportant, but what matters more is the future. You do not have to be university professor or exceptionally successful…


Leadership at it’s best: conducting an orchestra

Do want to learn what leadership is all about and how to be a great leader in 30 minutes? If your answer is yes, take the time to watch this video. Thanks to Pekka Heikurainen from for finding this great video from internet.


New value year 2011

The new year is always a discontinuity point and time for making promises. Why not deciding to start thriving your business towards new growth and untapped markets? Here are couple of ideas that might be relevant to you. Understand your value curve First you need to understand how your product…


Leadership Lessons from Dancing Guy

First: this video is really polarizing. If you are extremely conservative “old school leader”it is probably nothing for you. On the other hand this video does not directly have anything to do with “classical business school leadership”. However, many important ingredients of good leadership, or making a movement if you…


Creativity in the workplace needs diversity.

Is your team diverse? Are you encouraging people to speak up and not agree all the time? If not, perhaps you should reconsider your leadership style. Have a look at this 1 minute video.


What does leadership mean to you?

Leadership has many faces. Here is one of them.


Make your competition irrelevant!

Your sales are stagnating or already decreasing. Your market is saturated. All of the key players in the market have started a (severe) price war. Your margins are gone and there is no growth. If someone wins, someone else must loose. You are stuck in “red ocean” of bloody competition….


Steve Jobs about Leadership

Steve Jobs was and Apple still is one of the biggest succes stories of the last decade. Arguably his leadership style divided the opinions of people quite in a black and white manner. However, he brought Apple to where Apple now is. A while ago I found this short video…


Steve Jobs about the importance of sharing the same vision

Steve Jobs: “Here is what you find at a lot of companies. You know how you see a show car, and it’s really cool, and then four years later you see the production car, and it sucks? And you go, what happened? They had it! They had it in the…


Would you hire Roger Federer to play tennis or to sing?

Example I will start with a simplified and maybe naive example to set the scene. Let’s assume that you know that your business success depends on how well your organization is able to play tennis and sing. You have two employees: Roger Federer and Madonna. How would you organize your…


How to kill any good idea?

Every human being likes to think. Each and every one of us is creative. We human beings love our own ideas. You know what? That is great! We are creative from our birth until we step into the world of money and hierarchy. In this world it is not always…


Leadership and sailing – they have actually a lot in common

Leadership and sailing – business and sport. They have actually awful lot in common. Sailing, especially racing, is 100% team sport and it goes even further. A large sailboat has that large number (around 15 of them) different controls and trims that you can tweek. Nobody can handle them alone….


The truth about what motivates us

Thanks for Juha for finding this great video from YouTube. This hits right to the point of understanding the truth about what really motivates us. Money is a good motivator but it is by far not the best motivator of all…


Manage things – lead people

Today I was planning to write a blog about leadership (and management). Actually I decided to bin the text I had already written and just post this picture that I found in the internet. This cartoon summarizes so brilliantly what leadership is all about. By whatedsaid | View this Toon…


Apparent productivity in white-collar work

What is productivity? Wikipedia definition for productivity is: What does that mean in Blue-collar work? The productivity of manufacturing and other manual labor (Blue-collar) is pretty easy to measure and control. More input means more output. More hours labor in means more products or services out. Streamlining of the processes…


First things first: “time management for dummies”

The key to be efficient in your private life, in your working life or in meetings is the time management. In other words, doing the first things first – prioritizing the important things above the less important things. But what is really important? How should you prioritise your time? There…


Richard Branson: Creative thinking, challenging the status quo

Today’s blog is actually a short story about Richard Branson and how he demonstrated creative thinking and was challenging the status quo when his flight at Caribbean was cancelled. Branson arrived to airport in Puerto Rico. Suddenly, which is not uncommon at Caribbean, his flight to Virgin Islands was cancelled….


Change management: Dealing with the fears of people

Probably the most important thing, when managing the change at workplace, is to understand how your team perceives the change. What does the change really mean to the people as individuals. You should try to understand their fears, expectations and involve them to open discussion about the change you are…