The Squirrel Wheel

You may see when it is happening to someone else. How about yourself, can you also see and notice when it is happening to you? I think that it is important to help other people, remind them of what is important, help them to recognize where they are and what…


Mindfulness as a management tool

When speaking about mindfulness many people associate it only to yoga and eastern philosophies or generally speaking the “soft stuff”. You may also think: what does that have to do with management and leadership? Actually it does and as a matter of fact a lot. The current business life is…


Do what you love and the rest will follow

It is time to reload your batteries

Summer is here in the Europe and to be more precise I am experiencing it here at the Austrian Alps. Today the forecast is sunny, blue skies and hardly any wind. Excellent possibility for slowing down and perhaps later today for going outdoors. At the moment I am sitting on…