It is time to reload your batteries

It is time to reload your batteries

Summer is here in the Europe and to be more precise I am experiencing it here at the Austrian Alps. Today the forecast is sunny, blue skies and hardly any wind. Excellent possibility for slowing down and perhaps later today for going outdoors.

At the moment I am sitting on the sofa of our holiday home, writing this blog and watching the Hochkönig mountain-range which is bathing in the sun. I am enjoying this very moment. There are no thoughts about past nor about the future. There is only this present moment, what is happening right here and right now. I feel great. It is a very liberating experience.

Are you really able to stop for a moment and deliver absolutely nothing? It can be difficult as you are probably very used to the result oriented working culture of western world. You cannot change the culture in anytime soon, but you can change how you face it daily. Do you feel like trying stopping for a moment during this summer?



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