You cannot make any decisions without emotions

In this video Daniel Goleman is giving examples about the role of emotions in decision making. One very interesting example is the very first case in the video. It’s about a high IQ lawyer who went through a brain surgery and lost the connection between his amygdala (“emotional brain”) and…


It’s not only the amount information and data that makes decisions good

Mindfulness as a management tool

When speaking about mindfulness many people associate it only to yoga and eastern philosophies or generally speaking the “soft stuff”. You may also think: what does that have to do with management and leadership? Actually it does and as a matter of fact a lot. The current business life is…


Leadership: I cannot believe these guys are so slow in making decisions!

Do you think that the decision making in your team takes way too long? On the other hand does someone in your team feel that decisions are made in hurry without any exploration of possibilities? Even more confusing is that this happens simultaneously in the very same meeting. How come?…