Leadership Lessons from Dancing Guy

Leadership Lessons from Dancing Guy

First: this video is really polarizing. If you are extremely conservative “old school leader”it is probably nothing for you. On the other hand this video does not directly have anything to do with “classical business school leadership”. However, many important ingredients of good leadership, or making a movement if you will, can be easily identified in it. Enjoy, laugh a bit and do not take yourself so seriously.



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  1. avatar Marita says:

    Ha ha! Olipa hyvä! Itse opiskelen Serviceledelse Norjassa ja kiva piristys yksinkertaisuudessaan 🙂 Hyvää Itsenäisyyspäivää!

  2. avatar Juhana says:

    Many times the very simple ideas are the best ones. The very same things are often forgotten or not done exactly because they are so obvious… 😉 Leadership is really very much about common sense and doing things that make sense.

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