Tribal Leadership – improving your business culture part III

Tribal Leadership – improving your business culture part III

…this blog is continuation to the Tribal Leadership series in The previous article about the stages 3 and 4 can be found here: “Tribal Leadership – improving your business culture part II“. This part describes the tribal stage 5. The tribal stage 5 is the highest cultural stage known today. The stage 5 cultures outperform all the other levels on a long run.

Stage 5: “Life is great!”

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The tribal stage 5 can be described with one sentence (or way of thinking if you will). This sentence is “Life is great”. People, groups and cultures at stage 5 truly believe that each person, other companies, cultures and the world generally is a great. Life is just simply great, awesome, super.

For companies at the stage 5 there is no competition in the classical sense at all. People do not feel competing against another company or group of people. Instead they see competition being completely something else. Examples of competitors for stage 5 companies could be following. For companies in pharmaceutical business competition could be cancer, parkinson’s decease or Infant mortality. Similarly for the companies in virtual collaboration business competition could mean things such as fighting against casual flying, CO2 and global warming by offering virtual collaboration services or stress caused by not being able to spend enough time with family.

The examples above explain in simple terms the tribal stage 5 characteristic that other stage do not have. That is called “The noble cause”. As the name suggest it is the simple and humble cause for existence of the tribe. The stage 5 tribes believe, instead of just making products and services to sell, that they are making something remarkable and life changing. They feel they are changing the world and making history.

Stage 5 companies collaborate truly and over and across the traditional barriers. Why they do so? They believe that in order to achieve something truly remarkable and extraordinary you need to get the best experts of the world on board. The fact is that none of the companies in the world have all the experts on board. The cross collaboration is the only way.

Good example of stage 5 cultures can be found online. The very concept of Tribal Leadership is one of them. Dave Logan & CO encourage all the interested people (like me) to study and to use their theory whenever they wish. This also includes commercial use of it and all of that for free. Why? Simply because of the noble cause of spreading the word of better leadership and improving the lives of people. Obviously it is also free marketing to the authors.

Stage 5 represents only 2% of the businesses. (Source: Tribal Leadership/Dave Logan & co). The stage 5 can be found in all areas of business. However, as stage 4, it is very seldom in governmental structures and politics. There are only few exceptions, two of them in the stage 5 title photo above. 🙂

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In the coming blog I am going to give you tips how to help your company culture to advance to higher levels.



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