Leadership: Nothing happens without me

Leadership: Nothing happens without me

Why I always have to do everything. Nothing happens here without me. Why on earth these headless chickens cannot do anything right? Sounds familiar? Maybe you have felt like that once or twice too? It is unfortunately pretty common.

What is it then? Why some managers feel that nothing happens without them? There are plenty to reasons for that. One of the big ones is the habitual need to feel “in control of things”. This may lead to involving yourself to some details of daily tasks and eventually doing things right yourself as you feel that the other cannot do them right. You may find yourself in a ever deepening spiral of firefighting the micro managerial daily topics and actually mixing in to tasks that your team should do? You may even feel that is it expected from you. Believe me, it is not. Each and every person generally likes to be appreciated, capable and wants to feel the success and pleasure of achievement. People want work and perform and feel good about them. People cry for the authority to do things and leaders should give the authority to the team.

So, here comes the big question: is your leadership style helping or preventing your team to work?



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