innovation: take a big pen and small paper.

innovation: take a big pen and small paper.

Maybe the most important thing when inventing something new is to get started. Get started from the beginning, middle or the end. It does not really matter where you start, as long as you do start.

Start with a big pen and small paper. You cannot draw anything small with big pen. This forces you to think about the principles and forget about the details. The details will change several times during the process anyway, so do not waste you time on the details now. Get the framework done.

Think from truly new point of view. Use analogies to other industries or completely other business systems where you (assume) you are. There maybe some brilliant ideas somewhere else that are very much applicable to your environment as well. You only did not think about them before because you had so many filters turned on in your brain.

Scrap early. Cut out bunch of good features early to save time and to make a brilliant product. Focus on the core of your product. Example: If you are going to build a bicycle you are going to need wheels, pedals and some sort of steering. On the other hand you can pretty happily live without lights, carbon fibre handlebar or integrated GPS navigator. Leave the relevant features, cut the rest and deliver in time. Professionals cut at early stages and use that time for making the core with great quality.

Role of fear in creative process. To crystallize the role of fear in creative process I am going to quote James Hetfield (Heavy metal band Metallica). He said following in the documentary film “Some kind of Monster“: “Doing something just because you do not want (or fear) to do the other thing is not good.” When you face fear, instead of backing off,  lean into it. Because when there is fear, there is something genius to be discovered there. This is so true because most of the people back off, when they are afraid. If you lean into fear you are going to discover something that very few people know.



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