Inspiration = Leadership Balls on Fire

Inspiration = Leadership Balls on Fire

As a leader, can you get people to follow you without forcing them? Do you have “leadership balls” to be an inspirational leader?

It is said that you are a leader only if others follow. How can you create this kind of positive bias? People don’t want to follow negative or non-genuine people around…

Inspiration is the internal energy which makes us act, change and follow. I claim that all of us have experiences from a non-inspirational presentations, strategy discussions, leadership guidance etc. Yeah – boring, no energy, didn’t believe or buy what he said, won’t change unless forced, and the list goes on.

Sounds simple to improve – let’s just get inspired and everything goes fine. But, why don’t we act that way as leaders? Probably we haven’t realized how important inspirational leadership is because the content of management is still the King, right? Sorry to say but you are wrong. The content won’t make others to follow – you need to try harder than that – be genuine, put yourself in the game, be compassionate, be inspirational.

By being inspirational your “leadership balls” are on fire. People are ready to get also inspired and follow you. You can make that happening by developing e.g. your body language, tone and intonation of our voice, words, gestures, spirit etc. You can get yourself into right kind of flow by listening to your favourite music, dancing to it, repeating your mantra, breathing in compassion and positive energy. When you are inspired yourself, others will follow and get inspired too.

So, next time when you need to get your message through and get people to follow you, be prepared, use your energy and share it with others – Leadership balls on fire!

Writer’s name: Olli Torvinen


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