Diversity rocks

Diversity rocks

I am a passionate photographer. I started photographing back in 1977 when I was only 6 years old. My father gave me a small camera on my 6th birthday. Since then I have been photographing extensively. However, my hobby took a quantum leap when the first digital cameras came into the market back in late 90’s. The reason was obvious: I could see the results of my creativity immediately which was extremely rewarding. It also allowed me to improve my creativity with a such a speed that just was not possible in the film photography era.

Seeing the world through different lenses

Being able to see things from various points of view can learned. In my case photography teaches me how to find new answers and points of view to the same “subject”. On one hand it is matter of choosing the right lens. With wide angle I can see the big picture, a lot of detail will be buried into the holistic view that it shows. But that is alright, the wide angle lens gives me in a way the “leadership” point of view. In contrary a macro or close-up lens frames the same subject from another more detailed point of view. It shows me the details that I was not able to see in the big picture taken with “leadership lens” lens. The macro lens gives me in a way the detailed “expert” point of view. On the other hand observing the world only with macro lens prevents me of seeing the big picture. There is still another choice of lens, the telephoto. Telephoto helps me to see the distant subjects in more detail, which helps me determining where to go. I see telephoto lenses as the “tool for future vision”. It is very much like in business, all three points of view are absolutely crucial for understanding subject and successfully approaching it.

Seeing things in different light

My subject of photography looks very different when I observe it in different light. The light can be physically in the front, behind, on the side, under or above of my subject. The intensity and color of the light varies as well. The light can be bright and strong light at noon, reddish and dimmed dusk or dawn light, white overcast light when there are clouds or even artificial light. In all of these cases the subject looks very different. I can literally see things “in different” light.

Changing my point of view

Then there is still another angle: how I position myself. I can stand up, I can be on my knees, I can lie on my belly on the ground, I can even lie on my back and look upwards or I can fly and take the photo from “bird’s view”. There are unlimited variations that I can choose from, if I like. In every case I will be able to see very different things. I have a very different point of view to the same subject. It is crucial to remember that every point of view is equally important and gives me more insight.


What is creativity? For me creativity is a combination of what I just described above. Creativity is the ability and will to observe the things through various lenses, in various light conditions and from different points of view. Creativity means to me being able to accept that there are plenty of right answers to the same question.

Analogy to leadership

Analogy to business is to me very clear. Without openness and will to explore there will be only many similar answers to the same question. By thriving diversity and alternative ways of thinking I will find new truly different ideas and alternative solutions. In some cases this will lead to commercial successes i.e. innovations. Does your leadership style nurture creativity?

I love visualizing things. Therefore I made this short video showing one example of framing the same subject from different point of view. Enjoy!

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