Keeping your business ecosystem in balance

Keeping your business ecosystem in balance

Ecosystems are functional units consisting of living things in a given area, non-living chemical and physical factors of their environment, linked together through nutrient cycle and energy flow. The ecosystem combines several elements that can’t live without one another. Each produces something the others need.

Polar bear lives on the ice in polar region. He loves to eat meat, seal meat being his favorite. Polar bears hunt by wandering around on the polar ice and searching the holes in the ice. These holes are the breathing holes for seals. The crucial part of the polar bear’s ecosystem is not only the seals but also the ice. The global warming is the most significant threat to the polar bear, because it causes the polar ice to melt. Therefore the polar bear is no longer able to find enough food to live. His ecosystem is messed up.

Are you truly interested of taking care of your business ecosystem? Are you pushing your suppliers down to the rock bottom? Do you feel that your business “partners” are ripping you off? This can be like melting ice for Polar bear. Similarly many companies (big, small and freelancer) focus on making everything on themselves. The key to success would actually be working together, letting all parts of the ecosystem exist and therefore keeping your ecosystem in healthy balance.

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