Do you want your product to be unique and cool?

Do you want your product to be unique and cool?

There are plenty of research available which claims that about 90% of the thinking of 5-6 years old children is creative. This includes creativity itself, alternative thinking and surprising ideas. The picture changes a bit when they get older. Namely the creativity of 9 years old children has decreased to 20%. When we reach 40 years of age, only 1% of our thoughts are creative. It is pretty obvious that people get less creative when they get older. There are plenty of reasons for that: school, role models of the society, traditional hierarchical organizations, traditional family setting, religion, mass media etc.

The good news is that the creativity does not disappear. Creativity is just hidden because it has not been actively used for a while. With right tools, exercises and methods the creativity can be woken up again. This could be the key differentiating factor for your business if you decide to promote creative working methods. Similarly your business maybe left behind if you don´t. The choice is yours.



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